The functioning of the prototype, researchers of the heart chamber to generate the 3D-printer.

For years, researchers try to create artificial organs using structures from the 3D printer. Now you have created a heart chamber, heart valve, which pulls itself together. more. [ Forum ]

Debate on human-animal beings Remains at the facts.

A Japanese researcher wants mixed to create beings of humans and animals, in Germany, the criticism Of “Frankenstein” suggests the speech is from an “ethical mega breach”. These are dangerous misperceptions. A comment from Julia Merlot and more. [ Forum ]

Ethics Council Chairman-to-human-animal-mixed creatures “, I can understand that the people the creeps”

Soon chimeras of animal and human might be born. The chief of the German ethics Council about the Experiments and about why we condemn so quickly morally – although the Species boundaries are already exceeded for longer. An Interview of Julia Merlot and more. [ Forum ]

The mixed creatures of humans and animals That there has never been.

A Japanese researcher is allowed to mixing to produce beings of animals and humans and until the birth of pre-Mature. Critics smell a “ethical mega breach”. What is really behind it. By Julia Merlot and more. [ Forum ]

The first Experiment worldwide of Japan allowed the birth of the mixed creatures of humans and animals.

Researchers want to grow replacement organs for humans in animals. Now, Japan allows the first Experiment, in the case of the chimeras up to the baby may grow. By Julia Merlot and more. [ Forum ]

Deadly infectious disease priest carries the Ebola Virus in the Congolese city of millions.

The man came by Bus in the city – and already showed clear symptoms: In the Congolese of Goma, the Ebola Virus has been detected. The metropolis was prepared for such a case, however. more.

Google Doodle to René Favaloro, The Savior of the heart.

Bypass surgery to save nowadays, many heart-sick people – the first successful surgery of this kind is managed by RenĂ© Favaloro in 1967. Today, Google celebrates the surgeon with a Doodle. more. [ Forum ]

Study So cancer cells self-destruct .

Cancer cells are not supposed to exist, but escape the security mechanisms of the body. Now, researchers from the tumor tissue of mice have been driven to suicide. By Julia Merlot more.

Genschere Crispr/Cas9 researchers cure HIV-infected mice.

HIV infection is today a good treat, but not cure it. Researchers have removed the causative agent is now in mice for the first time by using a Genschere and modern medication completely. more.

Genetic engineering researchers test new method to repair stem cells in the body Stars as Marilyn Monroe – Royals .

Stem cells, mutate, patients often helps only a transplant. But is consuming. In mice, researchers have now gone completely the other way. By Julia Merlot more.

Photos of the The functioning of the prototype, researchers of the heart chamber to generate the 3D-printer.